BE SEEN -- Your customers are driving to and from the Jersey Shore

Dominate the Atlantic City Expressway through this growing local phenomenon.

Each participating sponsor will have the unique opportunity to be recognized as the exclusive sponsor of these special display areas. The individual display areas will provide the potential opportunity for up to 34 highly visible signs throughout the Expressway, signage at the Farley Service Plaza and outreach throughout South Jersey.

All company highway logos are approximately 19” high x 60” wide, in addition, the South Jersey Transportation Authority will be adding “wildlife” information along the roadway and your sponsorship will include title sponsorship signage at the Farley Service Plaza in both directions, community outreach, and other custom opportunities to be mutually agreed upon.

The South Jersey Transportation Authority’s “Environmental Stewardship” program was started to beautify sections of the AC Expressway during the high traffic summer months through Wildflowers.

Now in its 13th year, and expanded every year, it has achieved national recognition by highway authorities across the country. Over 40+ acres encompassing 35+ acres are planted with a variety of summer flowers from the well-respected Applewood Seed Company.

In addition, this program is now part of the SJTA’s “READI” project. This project includes Arbor Day & Earth Day presentations, environmental outreach and tree plantings at elementary schools in six southern NJ counties, storm water management, wildlife habitat construction and installation including “bat boxes-butterfly boxes-owl boxes-Osprey stands” and other wildlife programs and all tied into the SJTA University Environmental Internship program in conjunction with Stockton University.

Each year on average over 75,000,000* people travel the Atlantic City Expressway.

This important roadway serves as the primary highway for people traveling to and from the Atlantic City Region. 44 miles long, the Atlantic City Expressway provides motorists easy access through Atlantic, Gloucester and Camden Counties. To the East, the Expressway is anchored by Atlantic City and to the West, Route 42, which is about 10 miles east of Philadelphia. The Expressway is also the direct road from the greater Philadelphia area to all South Jersey shore communities and connects motorists to the highly traveled Garden State Parkway.

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*Source: South Jersey Transportation Comprehensive 2019 Annual Report. Approximately over 54 million toll paying cars, 1.39 people per car, over 75 million people.