BE SEEN -- Your customers are driving to and from the Jersey Shore

This is your opportunity to engage over 300,000 cars per year with highly visible large sponsor signs.

These two 8′ x 16′ signs are at exit points in each direction, which ensures every car coming and going will have a direct view of signage. This service plaza is located within a 30-mile stretch of highway where no billboards are permitted, as it’s within the Pinelands National Reserve.

Located at mile marker 21.3 on The Atlantic City Expressway.

Located within a 30 mile stretch of highway with no billboards as it’s within the Pinelands National Reserve.

A popular spot to pull off the highway for rest, snacks, and refueling, the Farley Plaza offers a Burger King, Starbucks, and travel-related services within, plus a 7/11 and Sunoco gas station year-round, and Ron’s Garden Center that sells local flowers, plants, produce, and specialty foods in the summer months

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