BE SEEN -- Your customers are driving to and from the Jersey Shore

In 2013 an estimated 1,600,000 people will travel through the Atlantic City International Airport. Located approximately 10 miles from downtown Atlantic City, a new $25 million terminal expansion was recently completed in anticipation of new carriers, new routes and destinations from Atlantic City. Currently Spirit is the major carrier flying to and from Atlantic City International Airport.

In June of 2008 ACY opened its huge new 1,400 space parking garage, which also houses rental car agencies. This garage is the center piece of what passengers see upon entering and exiting the airport. In 2013 over 165,000 cars parked in the garage.

Participating in this Wall Wrap Program ensures your message will be seen by every person who enters and exits the airport. The two wall wraps on the front of the garage are approximately 35’ high X 58’ wide, while the wrap facing the terminal is approximately 30’ high X 58’ wide.

Have an immediate and huge impact on everyone leaving the terminal by participating in the Window Wrap Display Program – up to 225 ft. of full display available on all of the garage windows facing the terminal (each window is 7’ x 25’, total of 9 available).